Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creation of Skerbu..... 3D Concept Art.

Long time passed ...
                                and I was busy with my daily schedule and deadlines. Now its the time to update my blog again. Nowadays I am working on creating an occeanic character named SKERBU who use to live inside a deep blue sea in its own world. Skerbu is bipedal but changed a little bit to accompanied himself to the marine world. I Love to play with my imagination always and enjoyed a lot while designing the Character. Skerbu is muscler but not so ferocious.... he eats small fishes and marine plants and always quarrel with other creatures ......

The base mesh of Skerbu has been created in Maya and imported to Zbrush for detailing. Here is the basic sketch of Skerbu created in Photoshop .Thinking to change its hands and fingers . And here is the unfinished model inside Zbrush .
Will upload the updates time to time.
Later I will export it back to Maya for animation .  For now I am not thinking about the workflow of texturing .
Will be glad to see the comments of the viewers and critics.

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